Weekly Big Comic Spirits
Big c98p16
Given Name unknown
Aliases Weekly Big Comic Spirits (by Pegasus)
Gender male
Occupation karaoke waitor
Introduction Chapter 10

Weekly Big Comic Spirits is a recurring background character. He later becomes the twelfth and final member of the Pegasus Ensemble.

Summary Edit

Weekly is the series' go-to background character. He has curly hair and square glasses. All of his appearances are likely not all the same person, since he is conveniently everywhere and has even appeared in multiples of two or three within the same frame. If we are to believe everything we see about Weekly, he used to live near Aiko, works at a karaoke bar, likes badminton, and harasses teenage girls. He is very expressive and speaks with an urban accent. Since he arrives early to his Pegasus Ensemble initiation, Pegasus presumes he was born and raised in Tokyo, however his first appearances were in Punpun's hometown and Oofuna. He also mentions having friends in Kansas, USA.

Trivia Edit

  • He is named after Weekly Young Sunday and Big Comic Spirits, the two magazines in which Oyasumi Punpun was serialized.