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Where outer space
First Mention Chapter 6
First Visited Chapter 140
Punpunia is a star that Punpun dreams up in elementary school. It is now where the dead members of the Pegasus Ensemble live. It is the representation of the dreams and hopes of Punpun.

Appearance Edit

Punpunia is a small, lush planet with only enough room for two houses and a lake. Wildlife is made up of a few trees, rabbits, and fish.

Plot Edit

Punpunia c140p14

The spaceship lands.

After Papa gives Punpun a telescope, Punpun finds a "moving star" in the sky (most probably a satellite) and names it Punpunia. He hopes to win the Nobel prize for his discovery and use the money to build a home for Aiko and his parents on the star. His idea to colonize Punpunia with Aiko to save humanity from extinction inspires his dream to become space scientist. When Papa stops living at home, Punpun no longer sees Punpunia in the sky. As a teenager, he realizes Punpunia probably never existed. He writes a short story in Sachi's notebook about soul mates from different planets, based on himself and Aiko. As an adult, he sometimes still daydreams of Punpunia when troubled. After the Pegasus Ensemble's mass suicide, Seki sees the God of Poop's spaceship ascend with the dead members and Shimizu. In Chapter 140, it is seen that the spaceship has landed on Punpunia. Punpunia is now where Pegasus lives with Shimizu, Echo Back, White Pig, Having-One-Battery-Left-Over-is-Troublesome, the God of Poop, Mr. Cosmos, and Punpun's popping-eye daruma.

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