Midori Ookuma
Midori Ookuma
Given Name Midori
Surname Ookuma
Kanji 大隈 翠 Ōkuma Midori
Aliases Midori Onodera
Gender female
Occupation nurse

cafe waitress
cafe manager

Education college graduate
Introduction Chapter 4 (cameo)

Chapter 18

Age at Introduction 23-25

Midori Ookuma is the wife of Yuuichi Onodera. In the early chapters, she is seen as a nurse in Punpun's mother's hospital room. Later, she works at, and eventually runs, a cafe. After beginning to date Yuuichi, she moves in with Punpun, his mother, and Yuuichi. She and Punpun develop a closeness during Punpun's middle school years, but Punpun develops a hatred for her during Yuuichi's disappearance when she rapes him.


Midori is introduced with shoulder-length black hair, and later cuts it to a bob. She is of an average height and a slim body type.

Family Edit

After Punpun finished highschool, Midori married Yuuichi, making Punpun her nephew and Yuuichi's sister her sister-in-law. At the end of the series, it seems that Midori and Yuuichi have a baby boy.